Month: March 2013

People often ask us, “What is the difference between a $900 suit and a $5,000 suit?” That is a great question… We’ll use Brioni’s suits to help us answer that one for us. In suit construction (much like a car) there are varying levels of construction.  Many suits that you find are constructed with what’s… Read more »

Steve Jorgensen Steve has been an awesome customer of ours for years and we are excited to feature him as our Look of the Month. You may recognize him from his modeling debut with us on Studio 5.  Steve is always dressed to the nines. Steve’s look: 59 West Floating-Canvas Suit Richard Street Tie Eton… Read more »

The rule-of-thumb for years has been to match your socks to the color of your slacks, well that rule was meant to be broken. There are so many ways to pump-up your outfit and one of those options is to do it with an awesome pair of socks. Another rule-of-thumb: match your socks to your… Read more »

There has been a fair amount of discussion about slacks, pleated or flat-front and how they should break. Here’s what we, at UWM, have to say about it. For so many years, men have been afraid to wear clothing that was close to their skin. Just think about how boxy suits have been for the… Read more »

Ray Hart Someone once asked if age is an excuse for poor dress? We say emphatically: NO! Men are like fine wine and should get better with age. We salute Ray for his impeccable taste and style! Ray’s Outfit: -UWM exclusive 100% wool corduroy slacks -Hybrid sport-coat -Viyella sweater -Eton Shirt Shop online at