Month: July 2014

Isaia Napoli

On the bay of Napoli, Italy, just off the shore from the brilliantly colored coral is a menswear company with clothing just as beautiful as the country-side that surrounds it. Impeccable in fabric, taste and style, Isaia has become THE premier clothing company for men. Started in the 1920’s, Isaia has been a game changer… Read more »

Neapolitan Knot

Neapolitan Knot For many of us, the knot that we wear for our tie is fairly insignificant… Let’s change that. The right knot can be a perfect boost.   Introducing “The Neapolitan Knot”   A quick tie history:   1900s Cravats with four-in-hand knot   1910s Ascots     1920s New York tie maker Jessie… Read more »