Month: October 2014

Isaia Ties

              Ties are very popular here at Utah Woolen Mills and we have a lot of them. Some of the newest ties we have in the store though are from Isaia, a high end Italian company. If you’ve been read our blog before, you’ve probably heard a little about how Isaia likes to go above… Read more »

Custom Suits by Utah Woolen Mills

The thought of a custom suit is impossible to ignore for a true suit connoisseur.  There is something about having a suit specifically made just for you that feels so right – something that is uniquely yours, made only for you. At Utah Woolen Mills our most popular custom suits are our own private label Richards… Read more »

The Importance of How You Dress

 By: Mitchell L. Hope The Importance of How You Dress With today’s high unemployment rate, low wages and high living costs, finding that much desired success is difficult to come by. Even those that have spent large amounts of money and multiple years of their life in higher education are hard pressed to find jobs… Read more »

Isaia Shirts: Made by Hand

  As the summer comes to a close and the weather grows cold, one phrase refreshes from our minds; cold weather is coming! And with the change of colors in the leaves also comes the time to update our outfits.  Last week we talked a little about what makes Isaiah suits so different. If you… Read more »

Slim Fit Suits – Brioni | Isaia

When looking for a suit here are couple important things to consider.   The way a suit fits in the shoulders is crucial. It should be no wider than where your upper arm and shoulder actually meet. Also the waist should have a tapered look to it in order to really show off the physic that… Read more »

Isaia Ties

  Like most menswear, the necktie has had a long history rooted in military and nobility traditions. Time has brought the accessory to the premier front of fashion and style. The past half-century has seen the occasional transition of tie width, pattern, and fabrics. With this long-assisting history, the necktie is now the piece in… Read more »

MaxMara for Utah Woolen Mills

SINCE 1951 MaxMara has been a major player in haute couture, high fashion. With it’s home in Reggio Emilia, Italy they are known for the same Italian sophistication that many other are, with a twist.  MaxMara included 23 collections, Utah Woolen Mills is proud to carry their Studio collection for the first time to Salt… Read more »

Isaia Suits: Comfort and Silhouette

    9.19.14 has come and gone and the world famous Isaia line has arrived at Utah Woolen Mills. To help you understand why this is such a huge deal for us (and you), we are going to start a weekly Isaia section talking about different items that we love in their collection.   Isaia… Read more »

Eton Shirts: The Perfect Fit

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re shopping for a dress shirt and you find one that catches your attention. You try it on and its the same story, it just doesn’t fit right. The armholes are too low, the sleeves aren’t the right length, the shirt is so big you feel like you could… Read more »