Month: November 2014

Tyler Boe | Salt Lake City, Utah

Recently at Utah Woolen Mills we have started to carry a brand that is unavailable at any other locations in the state of Utah. This brand is actually a women’s brand that will well known and respected for their quality and attention to detail. It is Tyler Boe. Tyler Boe is known for their trademark… Read more »

Brioni Custom Suit: Salt Lake City

  If you are the type of man who truly cares about what you wear, if quality is the name of your game, and if you believe not settling for anything but the best is in your best interest, then you should be seriously looking into treating yourself to a custom Brioni suit.    … Read more »

Isaia Custom Suits: Salt Lake City

  It may seem as though we talk a lot about Isaia here at Utah Woolen Mills, but we can’t help it! We are still so excited to have them part of our amazing UWM collection. Being the only Isaia custom suit carrier in the state of Utah, it is exciting to  be able to show… Read more »

Custom Oxxford Suit in Salt Lake City

  From Oxxford Clothes of Chicago, the phrase is given in latin, “Semper Servans Normam,” or “Always keeping to the norm.” Since 1916, they have stayed true to that cadence. Year after year they have produced the highest quality goods, never compromising for profit or trends. Harvesting the highest craftsmanship and only utilizing the best… Read more »