Kiton Suits | Salt Lake City, Utah

Kiton was founded in 1956 by Ciro Paone, a fifth-generation fabric merchant who made a visionary move into tailoring. From then on, they insist that everything goes around the quality of the fabrics. They have always worked with leading fabric producers, motivating research for new qualities of yarns to create the most exclusive fabrics in the world. Furthermore, with the quality and uniqueness of its handcrafted creations, Kiton gradually has become the finest clothing brand in the world.

Today we are pleased to introduce their top three models of made to measure suits.



This suit model is made exclusively by five of our finest tailors, who follow its construction from the design concept to the definition of every single detail, devoting 50 hours of meticulous labor. Each of these tailors is able to produce a maximum of fifty K50 suits per year.


The K50 model follows the line of the wearer’s body in a natural way, so as to always guarantee a perfect fit.

The suit can be considered perfect because of its shape, its adaptability and the stitching of the fabric, its entirely handmade preparation and for its pockets, which are intricately finished in great detail.



As Kiton’s oldest and finest model, only a few of these suits being created a year by a single tailor who dedicates 40 hours to each individual apparel.

They produce The LASA model follows the shape of the body so thoroughly that it seems sewn on. This is even more apparent in the sleeves, tapered at the forearms, making the jacket as soft as a shirt.

When worn, the suit is extremely light, almost intangible. These qualities all derive from its inner ultra-fine linen canvas, unpadded shoulders, and the tailor’s skillful hand-stitching

Each stage of the production of a LASA garment is unique and meticulously undertaken: especially the modeling, ironing and sewing at the neck make this garment one of a kind. In other words, nothing is left to chance in this suit’s creation.



The CIPA model is the newcomer. Created in the sixties by Ciro Paone, it has recently been reinstated into the current collections with a revised styling, with the goal of improving the ancient tradition of Neapolitan tailoring but adapting it to modern trends in worldwide fashion.

A new shape, a slimmer outline and high-class fabrics designed specifically for Kiton that are motivated by the younger generations, who are fascinated by the elegance and superiority of the Kiton style and who like to dress smartly.

As always, the result is a matchless style, deriving both from the design concept and the finishing stages; every detail is studied to guarantee the maximum exclusivity to the man who wears this special making.

Our official launch date is going to be September, 10 in conjunction with our 110th anniversary party! We hope to see you all downtown Salt Lake so you can see and wear for yourself the finest in the world.


Eidos Napoli | Salt Lake City, Utah



Eidos Napoli is a tailored clothing and lifestyle brand which is led by Creative Director, Antonio Ciongoli, and it was launched by Isaia Corp as a stand-alone brand in 2013, based in NYC. As a secondary brand by Isaia, Eidos Napoli has been hailed as the “cool younger brother” to the luxury Italian menswear brand by upholding the tradition of superior quality and meticulous craftsmanship but also taking a different approach with its appearance and attitude.

The word “eidos” is Greek, and it means “the soul of something” or the “essence of something”, what it means is “true form”. As their name, the brand is all about doing things the right way.

In order to balance craftsmanship and keep the brand accessible, they choose their partners very carefully. Their main supplier, Michelangelo, produces the suits and outerwear in a small town called Frosinone. The factory is owned by Isaia, and has been for more 35 years. They’re trying to do things the right way and become custodians of a tradition.

They produce everything from swim trunks to tuxedos, and their production is all done in Italy with a full canvas construction. Eidos takes the aesthetic of fine Neapolitan tailoring in a more approachable way with a casual elegance.

While maintaining that classic sense of style, Eidos still does something new. The way they do that is by taking people on a trip. And every single season they try putting things together in a slightly different way, whether by mixing colors or by introducing some new subtlety in texture or fabric to the collection.

Their target customers are people who are interested in putting themselves together. The kind of guys who cares about getting dressed every day, and showing people their best self every day. However, people don’t want to look like spending all day thinking about what they were going to wear that day. Thus, what Eidos do is that they try to focus on simplicity is for the guy who wears the clothing. The way they put the collection together is very much engineered to make shopping the collection as simple as possible.

Simplicity is Happiness. This brand, Eidos, is being able to make their customers confident and delighted every day.

We are so excited that Eidos is coming to Utah Woolen Mills in Fall 2015. Come in and join us September 10 for our official launch party!



Good Things Utah | Utah Woolen Mills

This morning we were excited to be featured on Good Things Utah. The video link is down below! Enjoy!

Sporty Suits | Salt Lake City, Utah

This year, sporty suit style is still trending! It’s a basic skill to match suit and sport elements cleverly for fashion professionals. No matter mix and match or inter designs, dress code that combines formal and casual has become the most popular style. Today we are going to help you break with convention and take the first step in sporty fashion.

            Sporty style is definitely not wearing sportswear from head to foot! It uses nontraditional collocations and singular accessories to integrate relaxing and comfort into formal wearing.


            Colorful sneaker is the hottest single item! Different patterns and materials with different designs and combinations create arrangement of ideas. Pairing with a solid suit could weaken solemn and display your highlight. Make sure colors of shoes and suits are in harmony.

            Sport pants are no longer boring and monotonous. Printed street graffiti or outlandishly figure, match with simple t-shirt show American street culture. You can add a plain jacket or blazer to neutralize over fancy looking.


            Wearing in a blazer that full of sense of movement brings interesting and active spirits. Special textile makes people feel comfortable and show their shape clearly. It is highly recommended that not to couple with traditional and one-color shirt. Dark printed or floral print short are appropriate. Also, dark fitting slacks can increase business sense and extend lower body proportion.

            There are some innovative mixes and match examples in sport fashion: wearing waistcoat out of blazer or suit coats to appear urban active style. Another one is integrating fur and leather into sporty style to approach luxurious level.


            In order to pursue comfort, relaxed, and personal characteristic, people start to adopt concepts of sporty style and wear in creative and smart casual ways.

Come in to Utah Woolen Mills to catch upon this unstoppable trend!


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Mezlan Shoes| Salt Lake City, Utah

Men’s outfit is incomplete without a pair of classy shoes, no matter whether they are in their casuals or formals. If you are almost perfect except footwear, Mezlan would be your finishing touch!


Mezlan collections of footwear feature a wide selection of genuine exotic skins and fine leathers coupled with world-class craftsmanship setting the standard in the industry for quality and performance. They are the finest choice of shoes for a wide range of men across the world.

Let’s see what brings them to become a leading shoes manufacturer.


Mezlan has always put top priority on introducing unique styling in its shoes. The creativity it brings with each series of its shoes is beyond imitation. In fact, the distinctive style it adds to its shoe ranges has brought about a new standard in the footwear world.

Mezlan shoes are made of best quality leather from Italy. Well-crafted and cushioned insoles and exotic skins of Mezlan shoes guarantee comfortable wearing. Moreover, Mezlan shoes are integrated with an antibacterial charcoal layer to prevent bad odor due to sweat.


Mezlan has been into footwear manufacturing for the last 40 years since 1968. As its original inspiration, the company has emphasized on two things: finest craftsmanship and quality. It boasts of a heritage of handcrafts. For Mezlan, footwear making is not just a business but also an art and it takes extensive pride in it.


Mezlan does not consider in making millions of footwear and becoming the largest footwear manufacturer. It rather believes in manufacturing quality footwear and thereby captures the minds of stylish men who consider class and elegance to be the major qualities of footwear.

According to a Mezlan shoe review, one of the unique qualities of Mezlan shoes is its ability to fit with any suit, no matter whether you are in your formals or casuals.


Marcoliani Socks | Salt Lake City, Utah

            Socks are the most important detail that gentlemen ignore most. People sometimes think socks would be hidden by pants, so they don’t put a lot of effort on it. However, there’s not a single one can be omitted if you have a good taste in wearing suits.

Fine socks and proper matching with pants and shoes will award bonus points in your overall looking. Today we are pleased to introduce you a luxurious and superior quality brand: Marcoliani Milano.


Marcoliani has been manufacturing luxury socks since the 1950s, and today is still a leading standard of Italian excellence. For over 60 years the Gatti family has shown superlative dedication to producing what are well-known amongst socks experts as some of the finest socks in the world. All their socks are made in their factory in Paina di Giussano, Italy. This line keeps every aspect that denotes superior quality fine yarns, a perfect fit, easy care, and the most fashionable colors.

Marcoliani socks are the result of an almost extreme search for quality. Their production is based on the innovative interaction between craftsmanship and high-tech. The cuff is made with controlled tension so that socks can fit without being tight; the heel and tip are reinforced with a Nylon thread, while the leg length is the result of the careful study of proportions, so to ensure perfect wear ability.

Meanwhile, the quality of Marcoliani socks comes from the choice of fine and superior yarns. Their fresh and light cotton is only Pima Cotton from Peru. Their wool, soft and very fine, is only Extrafine Merino Wool. And last, their fine Cashmere, sometimes mixed with silk, is the secret to light knits that are extremely soft and shiny.

Truly elegance is made of tiny, refined details. Each season, Marcoliani socks offer innovative modes of appearance, techniques and colors that can fit altered styles and aspects of daily life, always with a touch of classy elegance. In men’s fashion, where codes are stricter, Marcoliani socks define a specific style by adding charisma and value.

Welcome to Utah Woolen Mills to select latest Marcoliani S/S 2015!


Canali | Utah Woolen Mills

Canali Suits | Salt Lake City, Utah


            We are so excited that Canali is coming in Utah Woolen Mills this fall. I know you might have heard about this top brands before, but I bet you would be surprised by their relentless pursuit of excellence of creation and quality.



Canali currently offers a choice of over 500 fabrics for made to measure outfits including exclusive seasonal selections. Baby Cashmere Chincilla for feathery, soft and warm cloaks, cashmere-mink and cashmere-sable for that silky smooth touch; perfection in the finest wools like Super 160’s and 200’s or the penultimate wool-angora-cashgora blend. They use high quality, luxurious wools for their winter suits, and also have cotton and linen blends available for their summer suits.


Canali produces a giant amount of suits on a daily basis. This allows for more color distinctions than most high end designers in its class besides classic blacks, blues, and grays.



Every cloth roll is examined by expert hands that measure the fabric’s weight, check its front and rear sides, and assess all its features. Striving for perfection in every hidden detail, that is why every single element that will form a jacket is made in house. Before assemblage, each part of the jacket is brought together and again carefully checked. Once more, before going through the final stages of tailoring, their jackets are completed with the final details. Overall, the finished piece whispers luxury through the perfection of every tiny detail.


Adding creative flair with innovative designs and leading edge production techniques to the mix, Canali continues to push on with the same talent and creative vision that made them the leading purveyors of men’s luxury fashion



Canali suits are guaranteed for wear ability, comfort and suppleness. With a huge range of color choices, material variations, faultless Italian tailoring and care, Canali become one of the top ten suit brands in the world and will satisfy professionals who demand the very best!

            Our official launch date for Canali is September 10th and we hope to see you there! In the mean time, we do carry a large selection of their basic suits just to wet your appetite.


MaxMara | Salt Lake City, Utah


Renowned throughout the world as the pioneer of modern ready-to-wear fashion, the Max Mara Group is one of the leading international fashion houses and the first Italian clothing company. The company was formed in 1951 with the aim of offering high-class feminine clothing, produced according to excellent industrial processes.

In addition to coats and suits that the group started with, today the Max Mara Group produces all wardrobe categories with numerous accessories and complementary fashion items.

The group has followed a personal fashion philosophy that has always benefited the work of the collections, in relation to the personalities of collaborators and consultants. Business creativity has been one of the main roots of the Max Mara Group from the outset and is constantly applied, even with the most famous collaborators and consultants.

Today we are pleased to tell you one of their brands: Weekend Max Mara.

Weekend Max Mara is the life-chic line by Max Mara Group. Launched in 1984 as a casual, outdoor collection perfect for weekends, just like the choice of name intended to suggest right from the start, the label developed rapidly over the years to become the brand with the specific character we are familiar with today.

Consequently, no longer just leisure wear: the Weekend Max Mara label is a very abundant and sophisticated, comprehensive wardrobe, including all the various categories of garments (coats, knitwear, shirts, T-shirts, denim wear and lots, lots more) and is complete with a full range of accessories (including shoes and bags as well as scarves, belts, shawls and jewelry)

Let’s take a look on their latest trends!

(Source: Weekend Max Mara

1970s Revolution


The Seventies are back and the IT Girl Diletta perfectly embodies the trend. Palazzo pantsmaxi knitted V neck pull and masculine shirtThe shoes’ square heel stretch the silhouette. This week’s #styletip it’s an IT 70s handbook!

Instant Classic Look

Michela wears flowers! It’s the popular Liberty London’s microprint which is perfect for a total look, yet all the key pieces here have a French touch. Unexpected and surprising, two classics make up for a brand new classic. Be a Spring Lover, shop the IT Girl look!

Be preppy

Broderie anglaise, gingham and baby pink are the IT elements for this season’s perfect preppy look. Michela matches an immaculate embroidered blouse with vichy black& white pants. Pink is a must for both the shoulder bag and the wallet. Shop the IT Girl look, be a perfect Signorina!

Utah Woolen Mills is your exclusive shop to find the latest and best from MaxMara! Come in and check out the great selection of women’s wear we have to offer!


Di Bianco | Salt Lake City, Utah


            The Scarpe di Bianco men’s footwear collection offers classic shoes with contemporary twists. The combination of everlasting models with fashionable colors, and updated designing with traditional details, leads to decidedly current yet elegant models. The goal of the company is to offer men a custom experience through a multitude of models, lasts, soles, leathers, and color options.


Scarpe di Bianco uses the premium materials and handmade workmanship to produce Norwegian and Goodyear welted Bench made shoes. The extreme importance in detail is prominent in the rich colors and burnishes applied to the finished calf skins. The production is highly artisanal in nature witnessed by the fact that no more than 25 pairs are produced per day.


Di Bianco only uses True Grain leather which is the highest rank of leather that requires no alterations. Their skins come from France and are selected from the utmost quality lots. The skins are tanned using the chrome tanning technique which results in softer and suppler leather that is very firm and more long-lasting than vegetable tanned leather.

Di Bianco tricks all the leathers and linings by hand whereby we select the best place on the skins for cutting the leather pieces that will eventually form the upper. This results in a greater amount of consumption of leather per pair but guarantees that the upper is of the complete best quality and appearance.


The upper is made and sewn entirely by hand. Di Bianco includes a comfortable toe liner as well as double lining inside the heel counters.

Raw leather soles and heels are trimmed and beveled to reach the ideal lines and thickness as demanded by each customer. The leather is buffed and colored using non-toxic pigments. Metal tacks are used to support the toe and heels and to provide an elegant finish.



Di Bianco uses the optimum polishes and colorants available in their hand polishing process. They even hand polishes black calfskin. The burnishing of Di Bianco shoes is a very long and intensive procedure that often requires the use of plentiful colors in combination to achieve the final color. Di Bianco employs champagne to enhance the burnishing effect. Several colors offered are “Based on Black” whereby the shoe begins as black calfskin but through the removal of some of the pigmentation and the hand application of additional colors the end result is a smoky multi-layered finish.

At Utah Woolen Mills, we are excited to announce that we are now carrying Di Bianco shoes! Come in and check out the nice selection that we have to offer right downtown Salt Lake City.


Ted Baker | Salt Lake City, Utah

Since launching as a shirt specialist in Glasgow in 1987, Ted Baker has quickly become one of the UK’s leading fashion retailers.

With quality, attention to detail and an idiosyncratic sense of humor at its core, we’ve earned its reputation as “No Ordinary Designer Label” and now offer a wide range of collections including menswear, womenswear, accessories, fragrances, eyewear and more.

Ted Baker Women’s have a varied product lines including clothing (dresses, shirts, trousers…) accessories (bags, jewelries, shoes…), lifestyle (audio, home fragrance, luggage), and “edited” which is series in specific designs and themes.

Today it’s my honor to introduce you three collections that combine fashion, creativity and beauty.


Pinch Me

Spring is coming! Change is coming! As Ted Baker’s SS15 collection, it’s so fanciful and inspiring that bursts into life with flashes of bold print, strong textured fabrics and colors so vivid they may just be a pigment of your imagination!

Ted’s SS15 womenswear collection is the perfect transition into spring style. Punchy pinks, pretty pastels and blink-and-you’ll-miss-it nudes illuminate floral motifs and modern graphic prints.

 Image result for ted baker

Magic Moments

Blessed are Modern Cinderella, Ted worked his magic to give you a charming gown to fulfill every one of your fairy tale!

Let’s enjoy some Ted Baker’s captivating collection of occasion wear.


Floral bodice dress: Ted’s pairing of a vintage feel silhouette and an embroidered pure floral crop top give you the perfect balance of femininity and freshness.


Distinguishing rose coat: The ravishing RAFELL is a coat that has spring style covered. Ted’s swathed his ladylike cut with a distinguishing rose print to give your look a truly feminine finish.

 Image result for ted baker


Embellished jacquard tulip dress: Sparkle and shine at your next event with Ted’s beautifully embellished jacquard dress. A ladylike shape in a striking design, HAZLE has all you need to make an elegant impression at a glamorous get-together.

 Image result for ted baker


Pretty Little Things

Prints take on a whole new dimension this season. There are three of Ted’s SS15 favorites in action.

 Image result for ted baker



Pure Peony

Inspired by beautiful springtime bouquets, Ted picked this delicate and ladylike print especially for you.

Paisley Toucan

No ordinary dress, Ted’s tantalizing tunic will bring a touch of the tropics to your summer wardrobe.


Ted’s exquisitely exotic mirrored tropics filled with hot house blooms are a luscious way to work fantastical florals wherever you are in the world.

Welcome to Utah Woolen Mills to pick some lovely gifts for Mother’s Day!