City Creek Center Suits | Salt Lake City, Utah


After the City Creek Center opened to the general public on March 22, 2012, this shopping, office and residential center has already become a new landscape and shopping paradise in Salt Lake City. People can buy lots of things here: accessories, jewelry, books, cards, gifts, electronics, entertainment, shoes, toys etc. and of course suits!


            There are so many choices that you could find any levels of suit you like. If you want to buy a ready to wear suit, you could go to Express, J. Crew, Boss Hugo Boss, Mr. Mac, Brooks Brothers, Macy’s and Nordstrom. If you want to wear a little bit casual like blazer or suit jacket, you could find them at H&M, Coach, Forever 21 and Banana Republic. The price would range from $100 to $1,000+.

    However, if you want a man’s suit which could show your distinct taste, you might want to discover a reputable shop which offers made to measure service. Then, Utah Woolen Mills must be your first choice!


This 110-year historic clothing store has great tradition of quality and tailoring skills. Every customer is satisfied with our perfectly fit suits and classic plus elegant style. We offer many prestigious brands of custom suits. Here are UWM champions: Brioni, Ravazzolo, Isaia, Byron, and Richards Street. These brands come from different countries in the world, and have distinguishing features. Furthermore, we are delighted to announce that there are three renowned brands: Kiton, Canali, and Eidos Napoli will be available in fall, 2015.

Utah Woolen Mills is located at 59 South Temple, just across from Temple Square. We sincerely invite you to take a walk whenever you pass through and enjoy the finest clothes.


Italian Suits | Salt Lake City, Utah

Italian Suit Styles

When you walk in streets of Italy, you might be surprised about their outstanding taste and style and wonder if it’s inherent. In fact, fashion could be learned! Today, I’d like to tell you some basic information about Italian suit styles.

            Since 12th century, there are four areas (Milan, Firenze, Roma, and Napoli) that have been well-known by their textiles and leather goods. The tradition makes Italy be a multi-centered and multi-school fashionable empire. There are three main categories of Italian suits distinguished by different cuts and fabrication processes.

            The first one is the school of Milano, and it’s close to British style. There’s a constant slope at shoulder area, and they use slice shoulder pad. Full lining on bust area, softly tailored at waist part, mostly single breasted with two buttons, two vents. There’s usually one dart in pants. In general, the outline of Milano is smooth and round.


           The second one it the school of Rome, and it is separated into two styles: Italian-Roma and Soft-Roma. The former one is special in clean and simple line. There’s no dart on the suit, and it’s perfectly fit as well as comfortable. The latter one is apparently soft, dent shoulder plus slightly cocked design. Moreover, the draped cut on bust area increase the scholarly look.



The last but not least one is the school of Naples, and it’s a modified version of British draped suits. The most famous feature is their “Neapolitan Shoulder”. The line in shoulder part is very mellow and full, usually no shoulder pads or extremely thin one. The position of lapel is high, and it’s width roughly over half of chest. They leave some space at waist, and upper the waist dart. Often two vents at in height. There’s dart in pants and ham at bottom of trousers.

Come to Utah Woolen Mills and recognize some fantastic Italian suits Brands in Salt Lake City.

Kiton | Salt Lake City, Utah

            Kiton is the top men suits brand that was founded in Naples, Italy in 1968 by Cior Paone. Their principle is “The Best of The Best +1”. As a result, they keep fine tradition of handmade, but also they continuously breakthrough the limit of bespoke. As an integral of Italian charming, elegance, and exquisite craftsmanship, Kiton is called the Ferrari of fashion world.

            The first step to make a perfect suit is to invent a fabric that satisfies our customers’ innermost desire, and be able to reflect their characteristics. They create fabrics from raw materials from their own woolen mill, Lanificio Carlo Barbera. Also, they always buy out many rarest textiles such as 11.9, 12.9 and 14.0 micrometer diameter textiles, and elaborate techniques, combining the appropriate colors to obtain the desired shades.


            Next stage, the task is sited in the skillful hands of the tailors, individually dedicated to a single step of garment creation, considering both the style of the collection and the clients’ requirements, as always the key incentive of our business.


            The suits are cut and basted by hand to precisely enhance each detail; any other means would be incredible since the aim is to achieve the excellence.


            The Kiton suit is a perfect blend of exclusive elements: the fabrics, the workmanship and the accessories which merge into a single item. It is the result of that passion for beauty and that Ciro Paone has always sought. The Kiton masterpieces are an expression of the art and the traditions of the ancient Neapolitan tailoring school, without any quirky “excesses”, firmly established internationally as icons of class and style.



Italian Clothing | Salt Lake City, Utah

Wear it like the Italians

            There are many discussions about Italian dressing styles depending on different areas, various cuts and tailors, kinds of collars and shoulder pads etc. In short, fitting is everything!

            Here are some measurements that you could check if you wear a suitable suit. Firstly, you could see if the shoulder line is on your shoulder, and it must be straight, not too wide or too narrow.


Secondly, you could check the length of the suit. If you stand with two arms hanging on both sides, the bottom of suit must cover half of hip, or reach the position of your thumb. Also, it’s proper that your sleeve length touches your jaws of death. In principle, make sure your upper and lower part of body is same-size ratio.

Finally, if you wear loose pants, remember to expose your heel (full break). On the other hand, if you wear tight pants which are more trending, it’s highly recommended to see your pants touch the upper rim of your shoes. By the way, don’t let your pants crease at all.

Italian people are confident on choosing opulent colors such as salmon pink, navy blue, and coral red. However, they will use black or white dress shirts to match and balance them. If you are not comfortable with wearing too colorful suit, you may begin from some accessories like tie, pocket square, and belt.

European gorgeous palace style and paisley totem are commonly occurred on Italy streets. They can create classic, elegant, and steady feeling. In general, those patterns are printed on pocket squares, scarfs, and ties, as embellishments. Though, sometimes Italians wear suit that is full of totem, and pair with plain items to exaggerate the splendid and attractive character.

Loafers are derived from Indians moccasin, and now they are Italians favorite. Its image combines preppy style and upper class which shows fashion and casual tastes. When Italians want to put casual feeling into suits, they usually wear loafers with rolled bottom of pants, and expose their ankles or colorful socks.

The devil is in the details. To Italians, pocket squares are indispensable decorations. There are many ways to fold your pocket squares; each way can create different looks. Also, the color of pocket squares could balance the tone of suits. We have to acknowledge that pocket squares add the crowning touch to the fashion model.




Besides some existing trends, the most important thing we need to learn from Italians is their experimental spirits. They are brave in breaking rules and internalize fashion into their normal life. It’s a largest challenge for people who want to be Italian stylish guys.



Eidos Napoli | Salt Lake City, Utah

Here are Utah Woolen Mills, in Salt Lake City, Utah, we are so excited to announce that this September we will be the first store in the state to carry Eidos Napoli menswear! This luxurious, contemporary brand will be a great addition to the other beautiful things that we currently carry. Eidos is know for their forward way of thinking, Neapolitan tailoring and unmatched ability to create unique things. Eidos, owned by Isaia, is something that will make any suit lover fall in love with suits all over again.
EidosA/W 2015 - The CorrespondentLook 11.
Eidos was proud to premier it’s FW15 collection at NYC Fashion Week three weeks ago. 

Rugged, 1943 Naples and the infamous World War II war correspondent, Robert Capa, came to life at the historic Madison Park Avenue Armoury.

EidosA/W 2015 - The CorrespondentLook 18.

Please see below for the run of show from the event as well as low-res copies of all of the looks.
For higher resolution images, see the event profile at, linked here:

If those looks haven’t wet your appetite for a new suit, nothing will! We are so excited to bring a whole new look to our Salt Lake, Utah store. Known (for better or for worse) for our more conservative styles,  Eidos Napoli is sure to turn some heads!

Canali Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah woolen mills is so happy to announce that in edition to carrying Brioni, Isaia and Oxxford, this fall we will be carrying Canali! When people think about high-end, hand tailored suits, Canali usually is the first thing that comes to their mind. We are so excited to add their wonderful merchandise to our store.

Don’t know much about this wonderful Italian Brand? Let’s introduce you to them.

In 1934,[1] Canali was founded, by Giacomo Canali[7] and Giovanni Canali,[8] in Italy as a family-run business.[9]

In the 1950s, the ownership of Canali passes on to the second generation of the family. They strengthen the house’s presence in a burgeoning Italian fashion market, which is beginning to make waves internationally.

In the 1970s, Canali was the first Italian tailor to introduce mechanised cutting machines.

According to, in the 1990’s, following the successful launch of the accessories collections, Canali consolidates its achievements by opening its first flagship boutique in Milan.

In 2010, New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera was a spokesmodel for a Canali advertisement campaign.

As of June 2013, led by the third generation of the family, Canali employs 1,700 people in seven factories in Italy, where it makes about 250,000 individual pieces of clothing annually.

In 2012 87.5% of the total production is exported outside of Italy, 1,400 suits are manufactured daily, with 1,600 pairs of trousers made daily.

Canali was a no brainer for us to bring into our store. With great detail to handwork, beautiful craftsmanship and wonderful fabrics, we are excited to add them to our Salt Lake Citycollection. We will be carrying a full line of their products – suits, sportcoats, outerwear, shirts and ties. Paired with our tailor to put the final touches, you’re in for a treat! Stay posted to find our more about when we will be holding our launch party.

St. Criox | Salt Lake City, Utah

St Croix collections are among the top internationally recognized brands when it comes to the world’s finest knits, trousers, outerwear, and sport shirts. Their philosophy is that “you cannot, at any price, from any source in the world, buy a better sweater. You can only pay more.”
With their top quality of raw materials including merino wool, mongolian cashmere, and giza cotton collected from all over the globe, their expert designers and craftsmen are able to construct clothing items that outlast, outperform, and standout among other brands. Every uniquely patterned sweater, shirt, and jacket is handcrafted right here in the US and hand-finished to guarantee the highest, unrivaled quality standards for which St. Croix has become well known.
Utah Woolen Mills, downtown Salt Lake City, has been carrying St Croix for many years and those that buy St Croix from us have always had only fantastic comments and compliments on their St Croix clothing items.

Robert Talbott | Salt Lake City, Utah

Robert Talbott is a classic American brand that Utah Woolen Mills in Salt Lake City, Utah has been proud to carry for years.  In 1950, following a siren call westward like many East Coast cosmopolites before them, Robert and Audrey Talbott and their young son, Robb, arrived in Carmel, California. They brought with them a deep-rooted sense of tradition and value, an appreciation of craft, and perhaps most importantly, an innate understanding of and dedication to quality.

Audrey Talbott enjoyed sewing one-of-a-kind bowties for her husband, family, and friends. Together, Robert and Audrey began to develop an array of exceptionally fine neckwear for what was initially a small, but steadily growing group of discerning customers. Step by step, Audrey and Robert’s business grew and evolved, and by 1955, the Talbotts were traveling throughout the world, commissioning the finest silk mills in Europe and Asia to produce their original designs. By the 1960s, the Robert Talbott business received national acclaim for superior quality and sophisticated design, and still today is lauded for its exquisite, Monterey-and-Italian-made clothing.

Utah Woolen Mills is proud to bring Salt Lake City the best  hand-made ties in both 3-fold and 7-fold makes.  Come to our sore, located on the north end of City Creek, and enjoy our private parking lot and enormous selection of beautiful Robert Talbott ties!

Tyler Boe | Salt Lake City, Utah

Recently at Utah Woolen Mills we have started to carry a brand that is unavailable at any other locations in the state of Utah. This brand is actually a women’s brand that will well known and respected for their quality and attention to detail. It is Tyler Boe.

Tyler Boe is known for their trademark logo the dragonfly. This is discreetly woven into each piece of their clothing. The dragonfly symbolizes change. This change is shown throughout their products as it is reflected in their contemporary yet causal, updated look.  

One of the things that stands out about Tyler Boe is their great fitting ladies trouser. They stretch in so that they fit well, feel great and look flattering. Many of their trousers have a slit at the back on the bottom of the leg by the ankle. 

Their shirts and coats all have excellent detailing. The “little things” that cause those that see you to have no choice other than to ask you what and where you purchased such a beautiful article of clothing. Many of their coats have pleats down the back. Their coats also come in a variety of fabrics to accompany the flattering cut. 

You will not be disappointed with the Tyler Boe we carry in our store. They have reputation that is so valuable that we are willing to put our Utah Woolen Mills name behind it.