Isaia Suits: Comfort and Silhouette



9.19.14 has come and gone and the world famous Isaia line has arrived at Utah Woolen Mills. To help you understand why this is such a huge deal for us (and you), we are going to start a weekly Isaia section talking about different items that we love in their collection.


Isaia Suits: The classic necessity for every man’s wardrobe. When buying a suit, one must almost always choose between comfort and look. A stylish slim trend suit will impress more than a fuller, bulkier suit, but will not give you the sense of comfort you wish to have during the day. Isaiah has figured out a way for you to have both comfort and style. All of their suits have a full canvas lining that forms more to the shape of your body each time you put it on. With tons of different fabrics to choose from (created from their own personal textile designer) and the option to create a custom suit, the possibilities are virtually limitless.


These suits were made to stand out among all the rest, all while keeping you in ultimate comfort. The shoulders are lined with sea island cotton, the softest cotton in textile production, in order for the suit to rest gently upon your body with the weight being much lighter than your typical suit. The sleeves are also sewn onto the body of the suit in a pleated fashion in order to give you more flexibility in the shoulders while still keeping a slim fitted look when the arms are at rest. The sleeve head is also tipped forward in the that a man’s arms naturally hang. Adding to the comfort and style are the many practical features added to the suit as well. All pockets on the suit can not only be opened but are made to be used on a regular basis, with extra pockets added on the insides of the jacket to get most use out of what you are wearing.



Isaiah truly adds a new element to Utah Woolen Mills that can not be replicated. If you don’t believe true style and comfort can’t be achieved without making a compromise, try one of these suits on and see for yourself.


*Images taken from website.


Eton Shirts: The Perfect Fit

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re shopping for a dress shirt and you find one that catches your attention. You try it on and its the same story, it just doesn’t fit right. The armholes are too low, the sleeves aren’t the right length, the shirt is so big you feel like you could go camping in it. It seems like it is impossible to find a shirt that fits you just the way you want. When the idea of custom shirts passes your mind you can’t imagine purchasing something without trying it on first, let alone having to wait 6 weeks for it to be made and shipped to you.
Until we found Eton shirts we felt the same way.
Eton shirts have eliminated the pain of trying tirelessly to find a shirt that fits the way it should. They have created 4 unique fits: Super Slim, Slim, Contemporary, and Classic, each available in every neck size. For the tall guys out there they even an option to get extra long sleeves which will also add length to the shirt itself. From tall and thin too short and stout Eton has created the perfect shirt for you.

Ted Baker | Salt Lake City

The secret is out – TED BAKER women’s line will be coming exclusively 
to Salt Lake City by Utah Woolen Mills September 19, 2014.
We couldn’t be more excited to be carrying such a creative designer.
Not familiar with TED? No problem, we’ll introduce you to him.

As taken directly from Ted’s website:
Having launched as a shirt specialist of some repute in Glasgow, UK, Ted Baker quickly became the place to buy some of the very best contemporary men’s shirting around.
From the beginning Ted has had a very clear, unswerving, focus on quality, attention to detail and a quirky sense of humor, so much so in fact that the first stores used to provide a laundry service for every shirt purchased – something that gained the quickly growing brand the title of ‘No Ordinary Designer Label’. Everything produced under the Ted Baker name has his personality woven into its very heart.
As you would expect from Ted, the approach to marketing the brand remains the same as it was from day one…primarily by word of mouth and out of the ordinary marketing. What other brand would give away Paxo turkey stuffing at Christmas, a can of chocolate bunny hotpot for Easter, or even special world-cup 2006 football cards, Ted remains one of the only brands to be built into an international designer label without an advertising campaign.
As Ted chooses not to advertise, he must do everything he can to support the collections in a more consistent, different and fun manner. We hope you’ll agree our new ‘no ordinary designer website’ does this down to a tee.
Carrying Ted Baker exclusively is something that we have been looking forward to for quite some time. Not only will be carrying Ted Baker apparel, but also a number of Ted Baker bags and accessories too.

Other Ted Baker looks:

Come and celebrate our launch of Ted Baker on
 Friday September 19th from 9:00 – 6:00
and Saturday September 20th from 9:00 – 9:00.
Utah Woolen Mills
59 West South Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
801. 364. 1851

What Type of Shoe are You?

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Isaia Napoli

On the bay of Napoli, Italy, just off the shore from the brilliantly colored coral is a menswear company with clothing just as beautiful as the country-side that surrounds it.
Impeccable in fabric, taste and style, Isaia has become THE premier clothing company for men.

Started in the 1920’s, Isaia has been a game changer in men’s clothing. With an unwavering attention to detail, and the courage to think outside the box they have continued to surprise the fashion industry with unique, elegant and beautiful clothing.

Their website says it best – describing the Isaia man:

“The Isaia man is like Naples. He knows how to go beyond shared definitions and stereotypical cliches. Passionate, sophisticated, irreverent, eclectic and elegant. Style for his is a matter of instinct. Dynamic, classic, contemporary and ever-changing, he is always searching for his own style.He believes in uniqueness and his clothing expresses the most harmonious, simple and natural representation of his personality. His spontaneous, magnetic and natural elegance is tailor-made around his individuality.”

“The Brand’s success is due to its ability to reinterpret the concept of history and to combine tradition with innovation. The sartorial culture of needle and thread with cutting edge technologies, white consistently innovating its style.”

“Isaia dresses yesterday’s man and today’s man with all its countless facets because it is contemporary tradition.”

On 9.19.14, Utah Woolen Mills will be among the select few stores in the world carrying Isaia. We cannot wait for September to get here so that we can share with you what they have to offer!

Utah Woolen Mills
59 West South Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
801. 364. 1851

Neapolitan Knot

Neapolitan Knot

For many of us, the knot that we wear for our tie is fairly insignificant…
Let’s change that.
The right knot can be a perfect boost.


Introducing “The Neapolitan Knot”


A quick tie history:


Cravats with four-in-hand knot





New York tie maker Jessie Langsdorf invents a new way to
cut tie fabric making the fabric return to its original shape after being tied all day.


Ties became wider and displayed bold Art Deco patterns.
Windsor knot (invented by Duke of Windsor) emerges.


After WWII ties became bright, bold and patterned.


Most known for the skinny tie


The widest ties that we had seen thus far. Ties as wide as 6″ were not uncommon
– these ties were called the Kipper Tie


The introduction of the bolo tie to go along side those monster wide Kipper ties.


Either super wide or super skinny – even made of leather.
Knit ties hit the scene.


Started to all look the same around 4″.


Ties became a tough thinner coming in around 3.5″


Skinny tie made a strong comeback.


While the skinny tie has dominated the scene for the last couple years,
ties are starting to get their width back – not super wide but about the 3.5″ mark.
Florals and knit ties are really making their mark again.


The new knot on the scene is the Neapolitan Knot.
The Neapolitan Knot is very similar to the four-in-hand.
 The only difference is that you go around the loop twice instead of once.
It is also known as the “double four-in-hand”.
This knot delivers a great dimple and a nice solid knot that is crisp and distinct.
The knot looks best if you really crank the knot tight.
Don’t worry about the tail hanging down longer after you have cranked the knot tight.
You heard me, let it hang down long.
A messy tie with a sharp fitted suit really makes for great contrast.
Go Neapolitan and let us know what you think!
Utah Woolen Mills
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
801. 364. 1851

UWM Gives Back!


Studio 5 and Utah Woolen Mills team up to give women working to overcome substance abuse a stylish, new start.

The downtown retailer donated more than 50 thousand dollars worth of women’s clothing to outfit women at Salt Lake’s House of Hope.


Today, the cufflink has become a staple of men’s clothing.
Between novelty links and classic links, the class that comes with a cufflink is absolute.

Our friends over at have a great writeup about the history of the cufflink and it goes a little something like this:

In one form of another, the cufflink, or ‘sleeve button’, has been a part of men’s wardrobe’s for over a millennium — with royal families commissioning cufflinks to mark weddings or other special events for centuries and some historians noting the cufflinks’ presence in ancient Egyptian paintings. But if there’s a story to be told about the modern cufflinks and cuff styles prevalent in men’s wardrobes today, it should certainly start with a mention of Alexandre Dumas’ nineteenth century novel The Count of Monte-Cristo. Nowhere else in the history of western literature will you find a story wherein the cuff of a man’s sleeve receives so much attention, or has had such an affect on ‘real-world’ menswear. Specifically, fashion legend has it that the turned back, french cuff was born (for all intents and purposes) after french tailors read a description of one particularly pivotal character in the book (‘Baron Danglars’) — a man whose presence sparked great envy when onlookers “gazed on the enormous diamond that glittered in his shirt, and the red ribbon that depended from his button-hole”. So sumptuous and handsome a description was this, that tailors immediately recognized how outfitting french society with such details could distinguish their clients and add a new chapter to modern man’s costume.
Shortly thereafter, a cuffed shirt and a set of signature cufflinks (or ribbons) became a characteristic mark of a true, modern gentleman — and cufflinks started to commonly appear at the wrists of men outside the immediate aristocracy. Cufflinks’ materials and styles have certainly varied according to available technologies or fashion trends, but regardless of whether they take the form of chain links, cuff buttons, flats, snappers, or one-piece links topped with enamel inlay, stamped silver, cut steel, or sapphire encrusted platinum, the donning of cufflinks is still an act that can truly transform a suit into one’s own. This is especially true these days when the cufflink’s popularity is still high in circles of discerning gentlemen, but hardly an overwhelming convention.

It’s sometimes said that a man should never buy his own cufflinks, but that they should always be gifts meant to mark an occasion. This is surely a custom that harkens back to the cufflink’s medieval history, to the time when they were made almost exclusively as items meant to commemorate royal affairs. And while cufflinks are still a popular and great gift for groomsmen today, the set one receives on these occasions might not suit one’s more casual style. Thus, these days men have come to recognize the importance of the set passed-down from a grandfather, or given by a best friend at his wedding and might solely rely on such pieces for formal affairs, but are uninhibited about buying their own cufflinks for everyday wear.

The main thing to remember in choosing your cufflinks — beyond their functionality (which should be based on the kind of cuff you’ll be wearing them with) — is to keep in mind the fact that they should work in tandem with your other accessories. If painted or enameled in some way, be sure their color matches your tie, etc. And if you’re choosing cufflinks made from a precious metal, be aware of how they match any other jewelry you’ll be wearing.

Come in and check it out.
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The Pocket Square

Through the history of menswear, the pocket square has always been a sign of elegance, class and above all style.

In the early 1900’s, a dapper gentleman would never leave the house without a pocket square tucked neatly into his suit breast pocket…

As we have started to see the trend return in the last couple of years,

neither should you.

There are a number of different ways you can wear a pocket square.

Here are some of our favorites:

The Straight Fold

Traditionally this would be very crisp, straight and landing about 1″ above

the breast pocket, but if you mess it up just a little bit, it can really add to your outfit.

That being said, if you are looking for a more formal look, keep the folds crisp.

(looks best when wearing a tie)

The Puff

The puff really adds a spark to your suit.

If you pinch your square in the middle with one hand,

make a loop with your other hand and pull the pinched square about half way

through the loop you’ll have a nice puff.

Take the excess that isn’t part of the puff and fold it behind the puff and tuck it in to your pocket.

(looks great with or without a tie)

One Corner Fold

Last, but certainly not least, is the “one corner fold.” This is a classic.

The easiest way to fold this one is to take your square and fold it in half so that

the corners are touching. Do the same thing at least 2 more times until it matches the

size of the pocket opening. Fold any extra square behind and tuck it in.

( looks great with a tie)

Be bold and try it out! Pocket squares can be a lot of fun and will really make you stand out.

You can match them to your shirt or your tie

(or if your feeling brave, don’t match it at all like in the image of “the puff”).

If in doubt you can always youtube new ways to tie your square.

Get ready to turn some heads because after all…

it’s hip to be a square!

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6 Ways to Tie a Scarf | Cashmere, Wool and Wool Silk Blend

Scarf Season

Whether we like it or not, winter is upon us! The bad news, you might not be able to wear your favorite Hawaiian shirt for the next couple months. The good news, you can now dress in layers, topping all of those layers off with a scarf. Scarfs, if worn right, can be an excellent accessory to however you decide to dress for the day. As you will see below,  they can be casual or dressy and really come in handy on these bitter winter nights. 
Our friends over at The Gentelmanual have put together some great tips on scarfs that we would like to share with you!
Besides a warm winter coat and polar bear repellent, a scarf is a gentleman’s best defense against the elements. But a scarf can be so much more than just frostbite protection. The right scarf knotted the right way can add boatloads of charm and personality to a your look—a great consolation during those frigid, unforgiving months of winter (or any windy, rainy, or chilly night). We’ve put together six of our favorite scarf knotting methods to illustrate the classic options a man should consider when bundling up.

The City Slicker

When out and about in the crisp city air, this classic knot is a no-nonsense choice that keeps your scarf neat and stylish with no fuss. Simply fold the scarf in half length-wise and wrap it around your neck, pulling the loose ends through the loop that was created by the fold. The City Slicker knot instantly adds a clean, put-together shape to your outfit, whether that be a cozy sweater and chinos or a dapper suit.

The Connoisseur

Because The Connoisseur is reminiscent of an ascot, it is perfect for a man who enjoys the finer things in life. To create The Connoisseur, lay the scarf around your neck so both ends are even in the front. Bring one end over and under the other like a single knot. Drape the front end over the back and adjust length to your liking. This style can be worn loose (like step 4), but also looks great when tucked into a blazer or a v-neck sweater. The Connoisseur gives a refined air to your everyday garb.

The Ivy Leaguer

Look like a regular Harvard man with this elegant and studious scarf style. The Ivy Leaguer can go from very formal to a casual day look depending on the outfit and scarf itself. There are two variations: the scarf draped over the blazer (like step 1) or tucked under the lapel (like step 3). This style can be worn with an opera scarf over a tuxedo or with a blazer and sweater.

The Jet Setter

Adopting this classic scarf style will give an effortless feel to your outfit. First, drape the scarf around your neck with one end shorter than the other. Next, wrap the longer end of the scarf across the front of your neck and let it hang over your opposite shoulder. If the scarf is extra long, wrap it around your neck once before placing it behind your shoulder. The Jet Setter will have you looking like a globetrotter in no time.

The Sophisticate

This scarf style is the perfect balance between put together and laid-back. Drape the scarf around your neck, leaving one end shorter than the other. Wrap the longer end loosely around your neck once or, if you would like a more bundled look, wrap it around twice with both ends lying in the front. Allowing one end to be slightly longer than the other gives a more natural and spontaneous look, but the length can be adjusted to your preference. The Sophisticate style can be paired with anything from a winter coat to a T-shirt and cardigan.

The Weekender

Like its name suggests, The Weekender is a more casual scarf knot that looks both contemporary and nonchalant. Start with one end in the front, close to your neck, and wrap the long end around your neck until it is short. Tuck both ends into the wrapped scarf and fluff out for preferred volume.
As you can see, a scarf is an awesome way to set your style apart. Come in to Utah Woolen Mills and check our our collection of cashmere, silk-cashmere, wool and wool-cashmere blend scarfs starting as $95!

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