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Friday, April 26, 2013

A man’s jacket may be one of the single most important things he can wear.
A simple sport-coat and jeans will set him apart at dinner.
The right suit-jacket will set him apart everywhere…
Here are some simple do’s and dont’s of jacket fits.
Let’s take a lesson from Tyler…
and Tyler’s good friend Wyler.
Notice how across Tyler’s back and through the shoulders there are no ripples or ridges – it lays totally flat Now, you may see some gathering in the arm-holes (top-left), these are necessary. Without extra fabric in the arm holes, Tyler wouldn’t be able to move.
 Contrast that with the fit of Wyler’s jacket across the back. Across the shoulders wrinkle and through his back it fits very poorly. Compared to Tyler he’s in trouble.
You can see how Tyler’s jacket conforms to the shape of his chest and waist. With a fit like this, Tyler looks like he’s in great shape. It accentuates all the right areas of his upper body. The sleeve length is also great, showing a little bit of his shirt cuff to lengthen his arms.
Never, never, never button both buttons.
You can see what it’s doing to the shape in the front.
It causes unnecessary gathering and won’t let your jacket taper through your waist.
Here are the rules for jacket buttons:
2 button: Either the top button or neither. Never the bottom.
3 button: Either the middle button or the top 2. Never the bottom.
Just pretend like the bottom-button doesn’t exist.
These are some tips that can help make your jacket look how it was intended to look.
A huge asset in having a suit that fits and looks correctly is the use of a tailor.
Next time, we’ll talk about our tailor, how crucial he is to our business and how he can help you look your best and avoid looking like Wyler!

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring is finally in the air!
It’s an amazing time of year but it can, however, be a little trickier to dress yourself in the warmer weather and still look nice.
The solution:
seersucker, polos, chinos (khakis) and lighter colors.

Seersucker is a very light-weight cotton fabric that will make the warmer temperatures much more manageable. Pair it with a polo and you’re good to go!
Chinos (khakis) are a great option for the spring/summer for a couple of reasons:
1) They go with just about everything
2) They are also very light weight.
3) Their lighter colors a great for warmer weather.
You might even branch out and get a colored chino!
Remember this guy?
If polos aren’t an option for work, use this ETON model as an example for a great spring/summer outfit. A navy suit, light colored shirt, and a pop of color with a pocket square…Money.
With a huge new shipment of seersucker, khakis and polos, we are ready to help you look and feel as hot as it is outside!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

With so many different types of patterns, how is a man to decide which suit to buy!? We’d like to take you to UWM’s classroom. Today’s topic: suit patterns.
To make things a little easier we’ve narrowed suit pattens into four major categories:
1) Stripes
2) Checks/Plaid
3) Herringbone/Houndstooth
4) Bird’s Eye/Nails Head
Let’s break them down…
Stripes are typically viewed as a more formal or conservative suit pattern. If you are needing a suit for work or something that is a little more formal, go with a stripe.
Plaids (also referred to as Glen-plaid or Prince of Wales) are a little more casual and offer a great amount of versatility. With a nice plaid suit, you can use the jacket as a sport coat and pair it with your jeans. The great thing about a plaid suit is that you can use each piece (jacket, slacks, vest) as a separate.
Houndstooth is the pattern that you see in the top-left of this image (interlocking teeth-like pattern). Herringbone is the diagonal zig-zag pattern seen on the right side. These prints are typically seen in heavier fabrics, and most often worn during the colder months of the year. With great texture and casual look, these patterns are a great choice to wear on a night out.
If you are looking for something that is had a little more texture than a solid suit, bird’s eye/nail-head suits are a great substitute. As you can see from the image above, from a distance these suits look like they are a solid; however, as you get closer, the bird’s eye pattern will give definition and distinction to your suit.
You owe it to yourself to branch out and try a pattern that you haven’t worn before.
You’ll be surprised at your happy reaction!

People often ask us, “What is the difference between a $900 suit and a $5,000 suit?” That is a great question…
We’ll use Brioni’s suits to help us answer that one for us.
In suit construction (much like a car) there are varying levels of construction.  Many suits that you find are constructed with what’s referred to as FUSED construction (Honda). A FUSED jacket is essentially a jacket thats inner structure is glued together with piece of facing for structure (these suits are typically in the $100 – $1000 range depending of fabric selection). Over time this fusing will deteriorate and cause puckering and defections in the suit jacket.
On the other hand, at UWM 90% of our suits are constructed with a form of construction referred to as full or partial CANVAS construction, and the creme of the crop are our Brioni suits (Rolls Royce). With canvas constriction there is no fusing or gluing; therefore, nothing internally that can deteriorate or separate. The canvas is hand-sewn on the interior of the jacket between the silk lining and the outer, front panel of the jacket. This method of suit construction is worth its weight in gold and adds an immense difference in the longevity of your suit.

Brioni suits are arguably the nicest suits in the world and come standard with FULL CANVAS construction. Every little detail on their jackets are hand sewn (we’re talking predominately needle and thread) to allow the perfect about of give, flexibility and fit in their garments.

If you’ve never had a chance to try one of the babies on, come in to UWM and feel for yourself the difference that hand-tailored, full-canvas constriction makes (even if it’s just to try one on).

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Steve Jorgensen
Steve has been an awesome customer of ours for years and we are excited to feature him as our Look of the Month. You may recognize him from his modeling debut with us on Studio 5.
 Steve is always dressed to the nines.

Steve’s look:
59 West Floating-Canvas Suit
Richard Street Tie
Eton Shirt

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The rule-of-thumb for years has been to match your socks to the color of your slacks, well that rule was meant to be broken. There are so many ways to pump-up your outfit and one of those options is to do it with an awesome pair of socks.
Another rule-of-thumb: match your socks to your tie color or socks to your shirt color (Like Mr. Beckham is doing). This is a great way to ease into wearing colored socks.
After you have matched your ties or shirts with your socks, start branching out and having fun with it! There really aren’t any rules to this so use your own creativity. Here are some guys showcasing their socks to give you some ideas of the endless possibilities.
Come in and check out our HUGE selection of socks and let us know if you have any questions!

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There has been a fair amount of discussion about slacks, pleated or flat-front and how they should break. Here’s what we, at UWM, have to say about it.
For so many years, men have been afraid to wear clothing that was close to their skin. Just think about how boxy suits have been for the past 20 years.
(Yester-year)            (Today)
Today, men’s suits have become much for form fitting, leaving out the excess, unnecessary fabric and showing off much more of a man’s figure. In another segment we’ll highlight a proper jacket fit, but today’s topic focuses on the lower half.
Pleats of Flat-front?
We asked one of our reps about 5 years ago whether they sold more pleated slacks or flat front. He said that about 75% of their business was pleated slacks. Today however, that same rep says that they sell about 85% flat-front, a total 180 from 5 years ago but why?
As men’s clothing has become more body conscious, so have slacks. When looking for a new pair of pants, we suggest trying some flat-front pants on and seeing the amazing difference that they will make in your shape. Flat-fronts remove extra fabric pleated slacks have and make your hips and thighs look so much slimmer. They are clean, sleek and absolutely the way to go.
If, however, you do have a little more “junk in the trunk” and need the room, find a pleated slack that will allow for just enough room without too much excess fabric exaggerating your leg size.
Slack Break
Another common question is the break, or ending point, of your pants. If you look at the image above, different breaks are shown. This picture excellently portrays our next suggestion: a shorter break. If you look at the difference between the top picture and the bottom picture, you’ll see how much cleaner your slacks will look the shorter the break is. You don’t want to go too short but we suggest the pants to stop anywhere between the top of your shoes and the middle of your shoes.
A shorter break will clean up any unwanted baggy effect that a longer break may be causing, and will actually make you look taller and slimmer!

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