Ray Hart

Someone once asked if age is an excuse for poor dress? We say emphatically:
Men are like fine wine and should get better with age.
We salute Ray for his impeccable taste and style!

Ray’s Outfit:
-UWM exclusive 100% wool corduroy slacks
-Hybrid sport-coat
-Viyella sweater
-Eton Shirt

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Ladies, we feel your pain. You have no problem finding clothing you love for yourself. You have found the styles that flatter your body type, highlighting your best features while minimizing your least favorite body parts. But being able to do the same thing for your man is a mission impossible! Daniel Craig seems to wear his clothing like it is second nature, but even he has somebody to help him put his act together. The reason your man struggles to look his best is because he just needs a little help. If your man thinks that dressing up is wearing his cheap mission suit from 20 years ago with a short sleeved din-gee white shirt and polyester tie, here is what you need to know. He needs help, and we will keep it simple:

Let’s break it down in three sections:

· Why wear a well-tailored suit?
· What color/style?
· How should it fit?
Why wear a well-tailored suit?

Putting your best foot forward has never been more important than it is today. There is competition for everything we are trying to achieve, be it success, money, spouse, or even satisfaction with our own achievements. With all your man has to worry about, the easiest thing to control is how he looks. You know he can’t control half of the stuff that comes out of his mouth nor half the things he does before thinking. What he can control is his appearance which, whether you like it or not, can open or shut doors for all of us regardless of what’s inside of us. Let’s face it, the only control is his appearance and the beauty is, as his woman, you are in complete control of what he is going to wear. So, good news: you can help him see that there is a place for Nike sweats, t-shirts, and jeans. You can help him leave behind the tan khakis, short sleeve shirt, and polyester tie that seems to be a standard uniform for church in Utah. What he wears is important! Just the confidence that comes from wearing something that was tailored for him will create opportunities. People will recognize that he does feel the importance of respecting the occasion, be it a wedding, church or business. When you know you look your best, everything about your day improves. Countless studies show that how you dress reflects your attitude toward your environment. Why not look your best so that what you endeavor will come out the same?
What color/style?
Start with a dark suit, preferably navy or grey. The style is predominantly a two button coat with side vents in the back and a flat front pant. Whether you are looking for a job, going to church or other endeavors, these colors are very versatile. They will enable you to wear them often without people noticing that it is the same suit you wore a couple days earlier. You can dress down a navy shirt with a polo and jeans or wear it with a white shirt and red tie for an interview for your dream job. When buying your navy or grey suit, solid is often times best, but having a little pattern in the same color within the suit is often a nice touch to distinguish you for other people.
How should it fit?
Each person is unique; there is no standard fit for everybody, which is why we have a master tailor at Utah Woolen Mills. If you want your husband/boyfriend to look his best, please take the time to have a tailor fit it properly. We’ve seen people make this mistake many times of buying something they like, but don’t go the final and most important step of tailoring it to his body. It should fit correctly or even a nice suit will look cheap and looking cheap never leads to good things. There are 5 elements of a good fitting suit:
 1. Shoulder: The fabric should lay flat across your back and through the shoulder area. 2. Waist: Proper amount of taper, depending on build 3. Sleeves : Sleeves should hit at the break of hand; coat sleeve should be 1/4″-1/2″ shorter than shirt. 4. Chest: The jacket should conform to the chest. 5. Pant Fit: A slight break with the pant-leg stopping at the top of the shoe.

Have fun with it! With all of these tips, remember to keep your personality intact. Having a solid navy suit can be contrasted with a pair of bright pink socks. Patterned shirts look fantastic against a solid backdrop and adding color to your navy or grey suit will be awesome.

Ladies you might be feeling like it’s time to replace your man with a newer, fresher one. Might I suggest taking just a few hours to pay us a visit, so we can offer expertise direction. A newer version of the man you love, the newer models are never as good as the old ones, we just need to give him a new coat of paint and we are very happy to give you some direction as to what color you won’t regret!

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Ties are icing on the cake. They can be that make or break accessory that can really add another dimension to what you are wearing. They can also, however, be somewhat tricky. The most common problems: SIZE, KNOT, and COLOR. Here’s a few tips!

…what knot to wear…

Despite the tie’s width, our suggestion is to go with a four-in-hand. It is such a sleek knot and looks good with any collar. Make sure that the front part of the knot (the part that is the most visible) is fully covering the fabric behind it. Dimples also class up any tie, but are not necessary.


When considering what tie width to choose think of the overall fit and style that you like. If you are wearing a slim fit ETON, like you’ve seen in previous posts, we would definitely suggest pairing it with a slimmer tie. It doesn’t quite work to have a fitted jacket, slim pants, and a fat old-school tie. It’s the overall sizing that you should look at. The width of your tie should usually reflect the width of your lapel. As lapels have become skinnier, tie’s widths have matched them.




Color is really a matter of preference. Ties are called ties because they can tie your outfit together. Try to find a tie that has colors from your shirt and your suit. If you want to go for a louder, more contemporary look, find a color that contrasts the color of your shirt but still ties your suit together. There is a ton of room for your creative discretion with the color of your tie!


Come in and see us with your other tie questions and check out the biggest selection of high-end ties in the state. We carry Dulce Punta, Italo Ferretti, Brioni, Robert Talbot, Richard Street, 59 West, and more!

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2 Fail-Proof Steps to Dressing Well

I know you are thinking that it takes much more than reading two simple steps from a blog to give someone and incredible sense of style, but trust us, it’s that simple.  People have no trouble putting their trust in a doctor’s hands when they’re sick, nor do they struggle with the idea that a professor should teach upper level courses at the University.  But somehow, Americans have missed the fact that a professional Clothier is key to gaining their individual style.  These two tips will do more for you than any 70% off sale or any buy-one-get-four-free deals you will come across.

1) Get to know somebody who knows what they are doing, and ask them!  You might be shaking your head at the obvious nature of the number one tip, but you might also fail to follow this step.  You see the large corporate machines that produce mounds of the same product and market them at the same malls across the country, pushing the same jacket on any individual with a pulse and a credit card.  Instead of relying on the mega advertising that is sent to everyone, find yourself a specialty store where the products can be tailored to your individual needs.  Get to know a sales associate who knows their own style and can help you find yours.

2) Buy less, get more.  Maybe not as obvious as tip number one, number two is all about buying fewer items that will get you more mileage.  The name of the game is QUALITY.  If you can only afford one nice shirt or three bargain shirts, buy the nice shirt.  If the choice is between one pair of jeans that fit you well or the big box jeans that only fit your budget, buy the quality jeans that fit.  Over time, quality will fulfill and bargains will disappoint.

 There you have it.  Follow these two simple steps and you will be a style icon in your own circle.  Find someone who knows the business of style, and buy the best quality items you can afford.